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The Biblical Change Series

You Don’t Have to Stay the Same: Your Hope For Growth and Change

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

The maxim for this series is this: God intends His Word to be the primary means of change for a believer. No matter what your background, no matter how great your sin, or how “stubborn” you might be, there is no heart that God’s Word cannot penetrate and change. That means there’s hope.

We don’t have to stay the same. We don’t have to struggle with the same old sins year after year. We don’t have to continue to live with those besetting sins, that are so upsetting to us, and to those who live with us. There is hope. God has communicated His will, His help, His thoughts to us, and it has been preserved here in the Bible. Everything we need is contained in God’s Word. Each session will address different areas of struggle, while providing concrete help and hope from God’s Word, so that growth and change can take place.