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Seeking membership?

Becoming a member of this local church is an important part of really becoming involved in what God is doing at Anchor Bible Church. By becoming a member, you are publicly stating you want to be part of, participate with, minister to and be ministered by this local body of believers.

Desire to be baptized? 

Believer’s baptism by immersion is not a means of salvation, yet it is a necessary act of obedience after salvation. Believer’s baptism doesn't impart to the believer any special blessing, other than the blessing that comes to all believers when they obey the Lord. If you haven’t yet been baptized, we encourage to read the study on baptism below to learn more.

Can we use your photo?

We love capturing life at Anchor Bible Church, so whether you are fellowshipping with others, serving in the children’s ministry, or intently listening to Pastor Jack during the service, someone may happen to snap your photo. We want to be sure that we have your permission to share yours or your child’s photo on our website or social media pages.  We need each person within our church to sign a photo release form.

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