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Anchored by Hope in Jesus Christ.

Everything we do at Anchor Bible Church stems from our desire to put God on display.

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In this sermon we learn the Apostle Paul’s evangelistic technique included preaching Jesus and His resurrection and that we too must follow His example and do the same.

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We just finished studying through Psalm 145. This Psalm gives so many attributes of who God is. You can now watch/listen to the entire series. Anchor Bible Church utilizes expository preaching to dig deep into God's Word, verse by verse.

Featured series

In this 25 part sermon series, Pastor Jack takes us through what the Bible says about the foundational elements of the local church. Be encouraged by this great study!

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Mommy Talks

Moms of any stage please join us for our next Mommy Talks on April 19th from 7-9pm.

Men's Breakfast 

Join us for our next men's breakfast on April 24th from 8:30-10:30 am.  

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